Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire on concrete pad

Fire on concrete

Concrete has good fire resistance and concrete structures generally perform well. However, the visual appearance of concrete after a fire can be quite shocking with extensive blackening often accompanied by spalling and cracking. Of more importance, though, is the depth and extent of the fire damage.

A melted tv hung on the wall

A Melted TV

This photo shows the devastation of a fire that went unnoticed while it destroyed the home. (Fortunately, no one was in the home.) The sheer heat of the fire melted the tv screen and other contents in the room. We are currently onsite working to help restore this home for the owner. Once the job is complete, we will post a before and after set to show the extent of the damage versus the final completed product.

Rug pulled back to show carpet darkened by soot

Secondary Damage

This photo shows the after affects of a fire loss. The room pictured is located upstairs while the fire occurred downstairs. Although the room was not directly affected, the soot traveled through the home and coated the other areas. That is why it is so important to clean the entire home, including the HVAC system, after a fire.

Kitchen cabinets, stove top, and range hood all affected by smoke and soot

Another day, another kitchen fire

SERVPRO of Lake County is no stranger to fire jobs. In the last few months, we have worked on 7 fires! The severity of the fires ranged from light soot and smoke damage to complete interior demolition and renovation of the affected structure. 

Fire damaged kitchen cabinets

Smoke, soot, and char. Oh my!

Ever heard the saying "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen"? The fire in this home originated in the living room, but the whole house was severely damaged after the frayed extension cord caught on fire. Luckily, no one was inside! You can see the extent of the smoke and soot damage on the cabinets as well as the living room wall in the background. On this particular job, the ceilings and some of the walls were removed. They were too damaged to be repaired. By the time our crews are finished, this home will practically be brand new- the exterior structure will remain but the drywall, flooring, and fixtures will be new.


SERVPRO of Lake County Packs a Full House After fire.

Packing and cleaning contents after a fire is one of our many specialties. While these items are stored we will get down to the business of building back the home like it never even happened.