Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Growth on a wood sub floor

Got Growth?

Hurricane damage went undetected in this customer's home. The furniture placement hid the water that seeped into the floor. An odor brought attention to the issue and the customer called us in to help with the damage. Our crew responded, placed equipment, and removed the affected materials. After a good cleaning and treatment with an antimicrobial, the home was left in good shape for repairs to start. SERVPRO of Lake County handled the rebuild as well, leaving the home feeling "like it never even happened." If you have experienced a loss, please give us a call today. We are happy to help!

Soil and silt on a tile kitchen floor

Flooding: The After Effects

After flood waters have receded (or been pumped out) debris such as what is pictured in the photo is left behind. Sand, dirt, and other outside contaminants pile up on the floor, leaving an even bigger mess to clean. While this does not necessarily cause further damage, it definitely adds to the stress all of our storm loss customers feel. 

A creek in the woods

Flood Hazard

In our great state of Florida, it is common for people to live on or near a body of water. During periods of heavy rain, flooding chances increase drastically if you property is "water front." While this may make for good fishing and wake boarding, it is not so great for our homes and businesses. If your water front property floods, please give us a call. We are happy to help!

Water streaks on a wall


This customer experienced a water damage during a hurricane. You can see where the water intruded from the roof and ran own the walls leaving a discolored trail in its wake.

Tech holding the end of a couch as they remove it from the affected home

Moving day!

Here you can see one of our techs moving a couch out of an apartment after a hurricane devastated the unit. Due to mold in the home, our crews donned personal protective equipment including gloves, body suits, and respirators.

Ceiling with water spots

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Matthew badly damaged this customers entire home. There was water damage from the ceiling to the floors. Our crew was onsite for just about a month to dry the home and remove all the damaged drywall. We are so humbled to be able to help folks in the wake of a natural disaster. We understand the severity of the situation and do our best to alleviate some of the stress and worry that come with emergencies.