Water Damage Photo Gallery

Tech in protective body suit with mask and gloves


Personal Protective Equipment is a vital tool we use on job sites that are affected with hazardous material. This particular job was a sewage backup that affected multiple rooms in the home. Due to the contamination of the water, our guys suited up during the extraction and demolition portions of the work. At multiple points in the job they also applied an antimicrobial solution to sanitize the areas and help prevent spreading the contaminants to other parts of the home, to our vehicles, or any where else.

Mop bucket sitting on wet carpet in an office

Roof Leak

This customer experienced a roof leak, which damaged the ceiling, walls, and floor below. Once onsite, our crew extracted the water from the floor, removed the affected ceiling, and placed drying equipment. Removing non-salvageable materials such as the ceiling helps the overall drying process go faster. Materials that cannot be saved, if left in place, inhibit the drying process and can actually case more damage. SERVPRO of Lake County techs are trained to know when to remove materials and when to use in-place drying methods. The IICRC has set the industry standards and we follow those to ensure the quality of each job we oversee.

Standing water on the floor of a corridor

Standing Water

This corridor was flooded just before a grand opening. SERVPRO of Lake County was on the spot, extracting water and setting equipment to dry the affected structure. Our quick response limited the damage and helped get this grand opening back on track, only delaying the ceremony by a week.

Brown water on the floor of a bathroom


This customer experienced a sewage backup that affected half the building. We extracted the standing water and sanitized the building. The customer was grateful for our quick response to limit further damage.

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Lake County Dries Entire Home in 3 Days.

After laminate flooring was removed we implemented a drying plan that eliminated standing water on the subfloor as well as moisture in the drywall within 3 days. This short dry time allowed us to quickly restore the home for its owners.


SERVPRO of Lake County Utilizes Specialty Drying Equipment to Dry Walls Of Flooded Home.

Our drying system forces warm dry air into wall cavities. This allows evaporation to occur so that drywall and wood framing can be restored to industry dry standards.